Need a hand?

At Maid French, we do things… a little differently. And size is never a problem! Homes, Condos, Offices, etc. We’re there to help take the stress of cleaning out of your life. Most importantly, we do it all in style! Proper attire, proper etiquette is the Maid French way!

Email us for an estimate and to set up an appointment today!

Home & Office Cleaning

We clean it all… in style! Cleaning doesn’t have to be boring. Whether you have a home, condo, RV we can handle it all. Have relatives coming for the holidays? We’ll have your place looking perfect in no time!

Does your office need to be tidied up? Does your store need seasonal decorations? We’re there for you!

Event Service, Setup and Cleanup

Having an event? Setting up a poker party? Let us help get everything ready and clean up all the dirty mess afterwards. Oh, and we look great doing food and beverage service as well. Our staff is fully trained in all manners of service etiquette and are sure to take your event to the next level.

We are traditionalists and firm believers in proper cleaning and service.